Recent News Coverage Focused on Cybersecurity Strategy and Leadership Recruiting

August 18, 2021

The challenges surrounding cybersecurity leadership recruiting in 2021 are multi-faceted. As reflected in a recent ISACA survey, there is a severe cybersecurity talent gap in the United States, with companies and organizations often struggling to identify and secure the cyber leaders they need to successfully defend against cyberterrorists and other digital threats that have emerged in recent years. More than 60-percent of survey respondents report that their cybersecurity teams are understaffed, and 55-percent report having currently unfilled cybersecurity leadership positions. Even those companies whose cyberteams are fully staffed are having to manage additional levels of risk created by the expanding work-from-home reality brought on by the pandemic.
Addressing this problem will require an all-hands-on-deck approach. Schools need to engage more children in STEM studies at an earlier age. More universities need to follow the lead of Le Moyne College and establish cybersecurity majors and minors. Companies and organizations need to be more proactive in developing and mentoring young cyberleadership talent, and, working together with cybersecurity recruiting firms, they must deploy strategies to build larger and more diverse candidate pools from which to choose.
As one of the nation’s premier cybersecurity recruitment agencies, we are specialists in securing the most experienced and talented cyber leaders – both active and passive – to help keep your organization and its people safe.  We deliver critical team members, including Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Business Information Security Officers (BISOs), Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Security Officers, Chief Product Security Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and many others to organizations across myriad industries including energy, financial services, oil-and-gas, philanthropy, security detection and response, and transportation.

News coverage of the current cybersecurity landscape provides additional insights and perspectives to guide your company’s cybersecurity strategy. A compilation of recent news articles is listed below.

“National Cyber Security Alliance launches new cyber initiative”
August 16, 2021 

“The National Cyber Security Alliance, a leading nonprofit organization that focuses on driving cybersecurity behavior change, announced the launch of its Cybersecurity Education and Career Resource Library.

“Built alongside key public and private partners, including Palo Alto Networks, the National Cyber Security Alliance Cybersecurity Education and Career Resource Library is designed to grow the diversity of the cybersecurity industry and combat the critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals available today.”

Chief Learning Officer
“The executive cybersecurity training blues”
August 10, 2021 

“If the past few months taught us anything, it’s that cybersecurity training is critical for all employees. This is especially true for hackers’ top targets, the C-suite and board members, who are 12 times more likely to fall victim to a cyberattack.”

Times News Express
“Cybersecurity pros are burning out faster than ever as threats rise. Here’s how experts say firms should cope.”
August 10, 2021 

“Cybersecurity workers are facing growing challenges, leading to industry-wide burnout – and now they’re leaving their jobs at an unprecedented rate.

“Security teams, often chronically understaffed and overburdened, faced a stark increase in job duties in the past year as organizations went remote during the COVID-19 pandemic. More recently, the piecemeal reopening of offices has opened companies up to even more cyber threats as employees’ location and devices become harder to predict.”

Wall Street Journal
“Cybersecurity Chiefs Are in High Demand as Companies Face Rising Hacking Threats”
July 29, 2021 

“As companies face growing hacking risks, corporate cybersecurity chiefs are earning more money compared with last year, but in many cases are still reporting to IT leaders.

“Many companies that previously didn’t have chief information security officers have hired one in the past few years, driving the need for professionals with experience, technical skills and business knowledge, experts say. Security leaders with these qualifications can be difficult to find, which has pushed salaries higher.”

Information Week
“10 Tips for Landing a Job in Cybersecurity”
July 28, 2021 

“If you've ever considered working in cybersecurity, now is a great time to be looking for a job.

“Security incidents in the news are nothing new, but in recent months, cyberattacks, particularly ransomware attacks, have taken on a significance rarely seen before. Attacks are impacting global supply chains and disrupting the economy. And some victim companies are paying huge ransoms, which are further emboldening the cybercriminals.

“As a result, companies are eager to hire cybersecurity professionals. But they can't always find the qualified staff they need.”

“To My Fellow CEOs: Cyber Security is your Business Too!”
July 19, 2021 

“With each passing year, cyber security challenges have become more complex and more frequent. But along with this, the threat they pose to the business revenue of an organization has become immense.

This is even more true in these times when the world is trying to recover from the pandemic. Cyber attackers are trying to make full use of this opportunity provided to them by the uncertainty of the future that companies face today.”

HelpNet Security
“Addressing the cybersecurity skills gap: Where do we go from here?”
July 13, 2021 

“There are an estimated 3.12 million cybersecurity jobs that need to be filled – more than double the current number of workers in this field. With this drastic gap, it is vital that businesses, students, and the industry make it a priority to work together to protect against cyberattacks.”

Security Magazine
“Building a culture of cybersecurity: 3 key takeaways from the 2021 SANS report”
July 8, 2021 

“Let’s face it, cybersecurity isn’t the responsibility of a single person, team or department -- it’s a shared responsibility of the entire organization, along with its extended network of technology partners, vendors and suppliers. Since humans are the biggest cybersecurity risk, the concept of a security culture is even more relevant and significant in today’s times.”

Search Security
“What is the BISO role and is it necessary?”
July 1, 2021 

“The BISO role is a senior cybersecurity leadership position intended to bridge the gap between security and business interests, with the BISO typically acting as the CISO's deputy to oversee strategy implementation at a granular level. In a large enterprise, multiple BISOs might be embedded across major business units or regional teams.”

“Board Members: Five Empowering Cybersecurity Questions To Ask CISOs”
June 24, 2021 

“UBoard members have a fiduciary responsibility to establish and oversee business policies and practices that drive their company's performance and growth. Part of this responsibility is understanding their company's cybersecurity, which is indelibly linked to the company's value and valuation. While in the past cybersecurity was primarily viewed as an IT issue, most have begun to understand the importance of cybersecurity in the business context, as well as the need to translate technical risks into business risks in order to bridge the gap between strategic business acumen and complex technical know-how.”

Wall Street Journal
“Lawmakers Urge Private Sector to Do More on Cybersecurity”
June 18, 2021 

“The private sector in the U.S. must do more to defend against cyberattacks, lawmakers from both major parties stressed Thursday as several senators introduced legislation designed to target hackers.

“The ransomware incident that brought operations at Colonial Pipeline Co. to a standstill for six days starting May 7, and resulted in fuel shortages across Southeastern states, shows that cybersecurity efforts must improve, said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.).”

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