Recent News Coverage Focused on Cybersecurity Strategy and Leadership Recruiting

May 18, 2021

The challenges surrounding cybersecurity leadership recruiting in 2021 are multi-faceted. As reflected in a recent ISACA survey, recent ISACA survey, there is a severe cybersecurity talent gap in the United States, with companies and organizations often struggling to identify and secure the cyber leaders they need to successfully defend against cyberterrorists and other digital threats that have emerged in recent years. More than 60-percent of survey respondents report that their cybersecurity teams are understaffed, and 55-percent report having currently unfilled cybersecurity leadership positions. Even those companies whose cyberteams are fully staffed are having to manage additional levels of risk created by the expanding work-from-home reality brought on by the pandemic.
Addressing this problem will require an all-hands-on-deck approach. Schools need to engage more children in STEM studies at an earlier age. More universities need to follow the lead of Le Moyne College and establish cybersecurity majors and minors. Companies and organizations need to be more proactive in developing and mentoring young cyberleadership talent, and, working together with cybersecurity recruiting firms, they must deploy strategies to build larger and more diverse candidate pools from which to choose.
As one of the nation’s premier cybersecurity recruitment agencies, we are specialists in securing the most experienced and talented cyber leaders – both active and passive – to help keep your organization and its people safe.  We deliver critical team members, including Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Business Information Security Officers (BISOs), Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Security Officers, Chief Product Security Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and many others to organizations across myriad industries including energy, financial services, oil-and-gas, philanthropy, security detection and response, and transportation.

News coverage of the current cybersecurity landscape provides additional insights and perspectives to guide your company’s cybersecurity strategy. A compilation of recent news articles is listed below.
“Cybersecurity Experts: What Grads Need to Know to Get Hired”
May 17, 2021

“A year after the COVID-19 pandemic made virtual learning a reality for students around the world, a fresh group of college grads is about to enter the technology job market over the next few months. For those college and university grads ready to leap into the cybersecurity market, there remain plentiful opportunities for those with the right skills and outlook.”

Security Magazine
“Study reveals growing cybersecurity risks driven by remote work”
May 12, 2021

“HP Inc. released its HP Wolf Security Blurred Lines & Blindspots Report, a comprehensive global study assessing organizational cyber risk in an era of remote work. The report shows that changing work styles and behaviors are creating new vulnerabilities for companies, individuals, and their data. According to the findings, 70% of office workers surveyed admit to using their work devices for personal tasks, while 69% are using personal laptops or printers for work activities. Almost one-third (30%) of remote workers surveyed have let someone else use their work device.”

CSO Online
“3 steps to smarter cybersecurity hiring and team building”
May 10, 2021

“A global cybersecurity skills shortage continues to plague the industry. An estimated three million-plus cybersecurity roles are unfilled across the globe. That gap is unlikely to shrink without intervention from hiring companies and CISOs. Organizations and security leaders must therefore adopt smarter approaches to hiring and team building.”

“How do I select a managed cybersecurity solution for my business?”
May 10, 2021

“Digital transformation has been around for a while, but last year it accelerated its pace significantly. As organizations suddenly shifted to an almost exclusively digital world, the need to protect digital assets grew even more. One way to tackle these new threats was adopting a managed cybersecurity solution to provide 24/7/365 monitoring, protect applications and network infrastructures, perform incident response, and so on.”

Security Boulevard
“How to Solve the Cybersecurity Skills Gap”
May 3, 2021

“Understanding how to bridge the talent gap in the cybersecurity industry requires thinking beyond traditional approaches to recruiting. While there’s been progress, there is still room for organizations to evolve, which will require not only changing the way they think about hiring but the way hiring managers communicate with human resources. Yet many organizations continue to struggle with finding and retaining the talent they need, partly because their cybersecurity staffing needs have burgeoned so quickly. Where once there was a single cybersecurity career, there are now more than 900 different cyber career profiles, according to CareerOneStop.”

“Why Cybersecurity Needs To Be A Top Priority For The C-Suite Today”
April 30, 2021

“One of the fundamental issues surrounding remote and hybrid working involves cybersecurity, as some employees might be more likely to take cyber risks at home than at the office. These changes can make companies vulnerable to cybersecurity and compliance risks, and a cyberattack can have enormous cost and business implications for an organization.”

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