Wolf Hill Group is a national executive search firm that specializes in recruitment of cybersecurity executives across myriad industries -- for-profit, non-profit, public, and private.

​Our clients are determined to protect their people, data, customers, partners, and clients. Wherever their operations lie, our clients are involved in incredibly meaningful work where cybersecurity against the rising trends in areas like ransomware and laser-guided spear phishing is paramount. In order to protect and defend their assets they seek to procure the most talented and dedicated cybersecurity professionals to join and help lead their organizations as cybercriminals furiously innovate in both the technical and social engineering areas.​

At Wolf Hill Group, we provide guidance and assist innovative, world-class organizations in acquiring the best talent and building high performance cybersecurity teams. Whether you are in startup mode or well established, we work closely with your leadership and key stakeholders to develop a strong hiring strategy and find those cybersecurity leaders who are the perfect fit for your organization.

Today is the day to secure your business with a network of information security leaders. We find and secure exceptional talent to complement your team.
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