March 21, 2022

The Benefits of Partnering with Top Cybersecurity Recruiters to Secure Talented Leaders

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As venture funding of cybersecurity organizations surpassed $20 billion in 2021, with no evidence of slowing down in 2022, the demand for strategic and visionary leaders in the cybersecurity vertical has become the most difficult asset to acquire. The combination of all-time-high funding and the predicted surge of cybersecurity warfare, a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, is the leadership crisis that organizations cannot allow to collapse them.

More than ever, organizations need talented and visionary cybersecurity leadership to keep their organizations strong and secure. Cyber risks continue to mount and the cybersecurity talent shortage shows no signs of abiding. Even pre-pandemic, the cybersecurity field had been experiencing talent shortages for some time and, with the Great Resignation well underway, it’s only made a challenging hiring situation worse for organizations across all sectors. Cybersecurity recruiters are attuned to these realities as they search for candidates to fill top cybersecurity leadership positions.

Companies in industries ranging from banking and insurance to healthcare and transportation need to fill sorely needed leadership positions to help build robust cyber teams and strategies. For many, partnering with experienced cybersecurity recruiters, like Wolf Hill Group, will connect them with the top talent they require. Expert cybersecurity recruiters offer several benefits to yield organizations the successful outcomes they desire.

Cybersecurity Recruiters Can Cast Wider Nets to Identify Top Talent

Traditional cybersecurity recruiting networks and techniques aren’t enough anymore. Cybersecurity recruiters must leverage connections and networks outside of their usual sources to build robust and diverse candidate pools. The cybersecurity recruiters at Wolf Hill Group have the existing relationships and networks in place that give them the edge over the competition.

Relationships need to be carefully cultivated over the long term, and most HR generalists don’t have the necessary time required to do this. Organizations find that partnering with experienced cybersecurity recruiters empowers them to cast wider nets to identify top leaders and bring them into their own talent pipelines, making the recruiting and hiring process far less expensive, complex, and time consuming.

Organizations Find Talent Quicker by Partnering with Experienced Cybersecurity Recruiters

The good and the bad news is, while talent shortages are ongoing, the U.S. cybersecurity workforce experienced a 30% increase of what? in 2021, yet 60% of organizations surveyed by (ISC)² reported they “still face direct risks” due to staff shortages.

This is problematic since it leaves organizations vulnerable to myriad cyber threats and makes it difficult to maintain suitable risk management and assessment strategies. Organizations are well aware that they need talented cybersecurity leaders to develop strategies associated with zero-trust approaches, ransomware, and working with third-party vendors, along with other factors affecting cyber risks, as SC Magazine has reported. To accomplish this, it takes talented and experienced cybersecurity leaders to ensure an organization's assets are well-secured.

Finding talented cybersecurity professionals is not just arduous; it can be time consuming and expensive. According to Dark Reading, 32% of organizations report that it takes six months to fill a position and more than 60% say their open positions are vacant for “at least” three months. One of the problems is most HR teams are filled with generalists, but not specialists when it comes to hiring for cybersecurity leadership roles. This is where top cybersecurity recruiters can step in.

Experienced cybersecurity recruiters like Wolf Hill Group are well prepared to help organizations find leadership talent efficiently because they can immediately tap into their established relationships and finely tuned networks. They are also adept at identifying and recruiting cyber leadership candidates with the right transferable skills to succeed in their new positions.

Ultimately, partnering with a top cybersecurity recruiter will help organizations structure a strong and successful cybersecurity leadership search strategy.

How Cybersecurity Recruiters Can Help Retain Top Talent in a Competitive Market

Another challenge for many organizations in this current economic climate is retaining talented cybersecurity leaders who are constantly being approached and potentially poached by other companies. Competitors often cultivate relationships with talented leaders and attempt to lure them away by offering more pay, higher job titles, or other benefits. Companies are making basic mistakes in hiring and retaining the best cybersecurity talent. The cybersecurity recruiters at Wolf Hill Group are trained to vet candidates thoroughly, gain a deep understanding of their motivations, and determine the probability of their being a solid match with the company culture. Culture does matter, particularly now, and cybersecurity recruiters can help to reduce the probability of poaching by ensuring that the candidates they forward to the final stages of a search are the ones who are most likely to remain loyal to their new company.

Under resourcing is another problem that many companies face, which can result in talented cybersecurity leaders to seek opportunities elsewhere. That coupled with poor work/life balance, high demands, and stagnant wages can also result in high turnover. Many companies are simply ineffective at hiring the cybersecurity professionals they need because they overlook large swaths of talented individuals who could, if onboarded and developed properly, become the next generation of cybersecurity leaders.

Cybersecurity recruiters like Wolf Hill Group have the necessary resources and experience to match the best candidates with the right organizations, resulting in successful search outcomes.

Why Connecting with Top Cybersecurity Recruiters Matters

Infosecurity Magazine reports that 87% of organizations across the board admit they are struggling to recruit sufficient people to fill all their open cybersecurity positions. More and more organizations across sectors are turning to experienced cybersecurity recruiters like Wolf Hill Group to develop more effective cybersecurity recruiting strategies, strategies that result in the construction of very robust and diverse candidate pools. Wolf Hill Group's cybersecurity recruiters make it a priority to put their client partners first and ensure a high-quality experience. In every search, Wolf Hill Group delivers the highest standards of quality, integrity, professionalism, and respect.

At Wolf Hill Group, we have the people, resources, and established networks to help organizations across all industries identify and secure top talent and cybersecurity leadership positions. To learn more about how our cybersecurity recruiters can help you to secure the most talented cybersecurity leaders, contact us today. Ours is a value-driven organization committed to finding and securing the best talent to complement your team and help protect your company’s assets, data, people, and systems. We’d love the opportunity to work with you!

With more than 75 years of recruitment experience among its founders, Wolf Hill Group understands and meets the talent needs of high-performing organizations in a competitive market.
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